Zombies, NFTs and the metaverse: Galaxy Digital’s Sam Englebardt

Sam Englebardt has produced zombie films, created Gold Class cinemas in Australia and hobnobbed with crypto pioneers in the early days. Now hes investing half a billion dollars into the creation of the metaverse.Galaxy Interactive managing partner Sam Englebardt first met billionaire and former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz during a whirlwind, celebrity-studded trip to Haiti in 2016. Englebardts fiance, Megan, had invited him down at the last minute for a shindig put on by Artists For Peace and Justice.It was a fun weekend, Englebardt explains. Its [Crash director] Paul Haggis organization. Susan Sarandon was there and Ben Stiller. It was a great celebration of this really terrific school that they built.Mike and I really hit it off. We realized we had a ton of overlapping interest in technology: in Bitcoin and crypto specifically, in VR and AR, he says. Nine months later, after their friendship had developed, Novogratz told Englebardt he needed to join him in New York to help institutionalize his family office.He loves Megan, my fiance. I remember we were having breakfast one morning, and he says, You know, Sam, if you dont come to New York and work for me in my family office that Im starting, Megans gonna dump you! he says, laughing. The original plan for Galaxy Digital was built around more traditional ways to make money with venture capital funding, debt and late-stage private equity, but it was overtaken by events around the incredible crypto bull run across 201617.The plan …
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