You Can Now Purchase Aircraft with Binance Coin (BNB)

While many experts are still at loggerheads concerning the short-term possibilities for digital assets, the yearn for mass adoption is something virtually everyone in the crypto space, especially leaders, investors, and insiders in the game, are at the forefront of. That is why while many were feeling ecstatic and euphoric, the founder and CEO of Binance revealed that the native coin to the platform, Binance Coin (BNB) could be used to purchase an aircraft.

#UseBNB to Buy Airplanes

Aeron, a startup company with the aim of “saving people’s lives” using the blockchain technology revealed on Thursday 8th November that one of its fronts, Pilot Shop had put an aircraft up for sale. Pilot Shop, amusingly enough revealed that it would accept Aeron tokens (ARN) and Binance Coin (BNB) as a means of payment for the well-kept Columbia 350 plane from 2007 currently based in Austria.
Prospective buyers will need to part with approximately 446.666 ARN tokens or 31.603 BNB coins in exchange for the large hunk of metal.  Zhao took to Twitter to relay the development which is obviously crypto-friendly while stressing this interesting and shocking adoption. He had once stated that he would personally gamble projects that integrate Binance Coins into their ecosystem.

This development was announced just days after Remixpoint in collaboration with Hinomaru Limousine announced a plan to integrate Ethereum, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a mode of payment into its transportation services. Hinomaru Limousine will most probably be integrating cryptocurrency payments for limousine rides between either Narita or Haneda, two of the region’s popular airports and also between Tokyo’s 23 wards.

Bitcoin Making Its Way into Luxury Purchases

Popular and world-renowned Swiss watchmaking brand, Hublot released the exclusive “BIG BANG P2P” watch while unveiling restricted support for cryptocurrency payments. This “BIG BANG P2P” was released as a watch created in order to celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary.
Roy Neiderhoffer’s New York mansion was also recently listed by the hedge fund manager on the open market for a whopping sum of $15.9 million, accepting fiat payment or the equivalent in Bitcoin. As it seems, wealthy cryptocurrency enthusiasts now have the opportunity to buy limousine rides, a mansion, crafted watches and a four-person airplane using the decentralized digital ecosystems.

Binance Coin Quickly Becoming a Mode of Payment

It is pertinent to note that the move made by the aircraft owner to accept Binance Coin as a mode of payment isn’t particular to him or her alone. There is an increasing number of outlets which revealed that they would soon be supporting Binance Coin as a possible mode of utility and payment. only recently just shipped the first set of its Monaca Visa cards to its users in Singapore. A program which was predicted by well over 100,000 cryptocurrency investors. This card allows users to purchase real-world items using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monaco, Binance Coin(BNB), and Litecoin (LTC).  Monaco, which offers free ATM withdrawals, travel benefits and cashback in cryptocurrency comes at only $0, a price which has got users clamoring for it. This will ultimately encourage the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency assets.
Binance itself, PundiX, Coinbates, Kyber Network, and Nexo are examples of platforms that utilize the BNB. Binance hereafter released a message of excitement stating the promise of maturation of the industry despite its poor performance in 2018.

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