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You Can Now Pay Bitcoin To Send Messages Using Space Satellites

How cool is it to send messages to outer space without the NASA or the government’s restrictions? Pretty cool, right?

Send Messages Into Space

That is now the current events happening as crypto owners sent some weird and interesting messages out in the celestial world.

According to a Twitter account profiled as ‘Grubles‘– a blockchain site that usually tweets about the technology, various individuals and groups sent some weird but interesting messages out to space through the satellites. Entertainingly, he made a compilation of these messages using his account.

Weird But Cool Messages

These are some of the contained messages sent into space on days 2, 3 and 4:

“Still hard to grasp the fact, that I’m blanketing a big part of the Earth with my message, on demand, instantly. I wonder, does anybody [read this message]?”

“I’m curious how long will this trial time last, that I can broadcast myself to the Earth for testnet coins, anyway I’m loving it.”

“love you.”

BlockStream And Spacebit.live Made This Happen

This method became possible after the launching of Blockstream website, a year ago, wherein it aims to allow users in transacting cryptos even without the use of internet services. With their network and spacebit.live, people can send messages into space with as cheap as 3 cents in testnet bitcoin.

Furthermore, in December, Blockstream launched a not so popular software introducing their new feature of application programming interface (API). In this system, people can use their satellites into sending messages to no one in space.

“Blockstream made available an API which takes a message and returns a lightning network invoice, upon receipt of the invoice the message is sent to the satellite teleport then the payload is broadcast to the satellite array,” says “MediumSqueeze,” pseudonymous name of Spacebit.live creator.

This means that to send messages into space successfully, the individual needs to set up his satellite.

As a way to help people in doing this process, long-time Bitcoin Core contributor and former Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell posted few pictures of his satellite as a guide for beginners in installing their own, at home.

There May Be Repercussions

Although this looks like an amazing way of using cryptos in the futuristic era, some software developers think this way as a weapon that can be used against the government.

“It could be used anonymously to broadcast a message to the world. It can’t be stopped by a mainstream media outlet, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or government,” says Bitcoin podcast host Ansel Lindner.

‘Only For Fun’

However, as explained by MediumSqueeze in Coindesk, the technology being used now for sending messages is only for fun, as of now.

Still, sending messages into space is way too cool.



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