You Can Now Lend your Ineffective NVIDIA GPUs to Interested Gamers on the Cloud

Following a disappointing year for major graphic cards manufacturer, NVIDIA and its users, VectorDash is now offering deflated cryptocurrency miners an alternative way to put their inactive GPU computing power to good use.

Lending Computing Power

While the discouraging performance of the cryptocurrency market continues, Cryptocurrency miners can now chose to lend their inactive NVIDIA GPUs to no other than gamers across the world.

Vector Dash is now offering a cloud rendering service that would allow crypto miners to lend their high performing GPU’s to gamers with PCs such as Apple that are not designed for intense gaming. The daily reward of $0.60 might not be enough incentive for miners who are well enough to buy high end GPUs, but it is surely better than no earnings at all.

Computing Power Exceeding Mining

While a good portion of NVIDIA’s revenue has been coming from the cryptocurrency mining industry lately as the demand for higher computing power continues to rise rapidly, other technological sectors are becoming more demanding and reliant on high-end GPUs. One of NVIDIA’S major problems stemmed from the trade war between China and the US given a huge market demand of NVIDIA’s products were in China, with the country itself responsible for about a quarter of its previous annual revenues.

However, aside the cheap cryptocurrency mining industry in China, there are increasing demands for computing power in other sectors. One of those is Big Data and AI, with processing of huge terabytes of data needing a corresponding high amount of computing power. Another emerging market demand is the gaming industry, following the rapid developments of games using 4K resolutions and needing incredible processing power.

Over Enthusiastic Downfall

Nvidia came under scrutiny earlier this year after reports intensified that it had falsified its normally scheduled, revenue reports in a bid to cover up the failings the company made in the latter half of 2018: a vicious year for both NVIDIA and its cryptocurrency mining users.  After making respectable revenue earnings in the early part of last year and seeing its shares shoot up to a record peak of about $290by October, the  company had no qualms producing and releasing more GPU’s into the market. The end of the year would drag into a long bad one for NVIDIA and the whole crypto community instead, and NVIDIA would see its shares plummet by almost 50 per cent as December loomed.

Bitmain, another force of computing power had more wounds to nurture compared to the former after struggling to make $200 million in revenue in the second half of 2018, compared to the $3biilion it raked in the first part of the year. This made the two companies to cut off losses and reduce staffs, with Bitmain being the more clinical of the two.