Sunday, June 16, 2019

You Can Now Earn BAT Tokens Through Ads on Brave’s New Browser

Brave Browser finally releases much publicized feature, Brave Rewards that would offer its users the opportunity to earn Brave’s own native cryptocurrency Brave Attention Token (BAT) through voluntary ads.

Changing Advertising Model

Brave Browser is an open source browser based on the popular chromium architecture and is popular for its unique approach to advertisements and trackers. Bredan Eich, founder of the popular browser, Mozilla Firefox, founded Brave to address the growing concerns about invasive user data accumulation by top browsers such as Google, and a need for guaranteed privacy. Brave was designed specifically for this [purpose, ensuring user’s anonymity and disabling trackers embedded in browsers and social media websites.

Following Brave’s prioritized concern on user’s anonymity, it is no surprise the company took serious interest in blockchain technology and also promptly launched its own crypto token, BAT.

The BAT is key to Brave’s new advertising model and ad token exchange. Because of the invasive nature of malicious and targeted ads via earlier siphoned data, many internet users have turned to ad blockers to do away with ads and preserve a degree of anonymity, the latter a interest ironically misplaced.

Brave’s advertising model would now allow Brave users to earn Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) if they wish, by switching on the Brave Reward feature. The Brave Reward feature would feature advertisements from Brave’s ad platforms itself—that is clients’ ads— and would be modeled on the anonymized data obtained from Brave users.

Users using the Brave Reward feature would be earning 70 per cent of the total ad revenue according to Brave, while the other 30 per cent belongs to Brave. The advertising model does not take into account content publishers, except for ones who are insistent and on Brave’s ad programs. Popular content publishers already accepting BAT tokens include Washington Post and Vimeo among a host of others.

Now Live!

Brave’s browser enabled with the BAT Brave Rewards has now gone live, kicking off on the 8th of March. Users can now earn BATs by viewing ads voluntarily. Brave’s new ad model has received more than 50 commitments from top tech influencers and is strongly benefiting from partnership with ads service promoters such as BuySellAds and Fluidity.   An excerpt from Brave’s announcement detailing the progress between phases of its ad implementation read:

“Today, the Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview advances from phase one to phase two. Phase one provided the first public opportunity for brands, marketers, developers, and the community to test the Brave Ads experience from our Developer channel. . .

Phase two provides token rewards to users for their attention and introduces Brave’s anonymous-but-accountable campaign reporting for brands.”

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