XYO Network Forms a Partnership with Esri for Data Access

XYO Network, a Geographic Information System (GIS) based on the blockchain technology, has declared its partnership with Esri, a company established in 1969 and one of the biggest and oldest mapmakers and GIS systems in the world.
The first sign of a partnership was seen when a former employer of Esri was hired by XYO which subsequently led to a corporation. Esri desires access to the XYO Network’s data for its clients while XYO Network wants access to Esri’s clients.
ArcGIS, which is owned by Esri, is the product that will make use of the XYO Network. Currently, it serves over 350,000 organizations. The press release reads:

“The collaboration opens the possibility for ArcGIS users to enable increasingly important capabilities such as tracking cars in emerging “smart cities,” clarifying the often-dramatic geographic changes based on natural or man-made disasters, and many other location-based applications and scenarios.”

Scamming Versus the GPS Technology

XYO Network’s co-founder, Markus Levin, pointed out during a conversation that people have been successful in repeatedly scamming rare Pokemon in the famous Pokemon Go game and he gave an assurance that his firm will put an end to such activities with the technologies they are working on.
The technology from the XYO will help ensure that every review of a business or product is true. Reviewers will be made to provide evidence to back up their claim of being at a particular location at any point in time. Levin further said that about 60% of the reviews obtained online are not beneficial.
In the above-described situations, the Geographic Information System Technology from the XYO Network will come in handy. Levin disclosed that a platform has been developed which different types of participants can use and where businesses and services can access data in need of it by the use of XYO token. Also, the XYO GIS can function even in places that do not support GPS like population-dense areas, underground locations, etc.
Today, most apps require the services of GPS location data, but the truth is that it is quite easy to tamper with the location data through the use of consumer-grade applications. This possibility is very dangerous, especially with the existence of self-driving cars and delivery services. Delivery and logistics companies stand to gain a lot from the XYO technology and also companies which include the use of GPS in their operations could improve their services through the use of verified data. Levin further noted that ecological groups could use data from XYO technology to build environmental models.
The collaboration between XYO and Esri is very big due to the influence Esri commands in the spatial analytics space. In the news release, Kevin Bolger, Esri’s Emerging Technology Practice Lead said:

“In the mapping and spatial analytics space, determining relative location of objects, and particularly those in motion, is important, and we have the opportunity to pair that ability and blockchain technology as a significant next step for the industry as a whole.”

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