World Markets’ AI Managed Account Outperforms Traditional Asset Management Programs

World Markets, a name long associated with delivering innovative solutions for digital and physical assets trading, has opened up their high performance AI Managed Account membership to the general public. In the 37 months which the AI Managed Account trading option has been open, it has only witnessed 4 months with negative returns, accruing a compounded return of close to 100% in the last quarter alone.

This novel, automated trading solution operates across several traditional asset and cryptocurrency markets at any given time. It has managed to deliver an average return of 21.77% per month since its inception which can be confirmed by historical trading data maintained on its website. This figure puts it well above and beyond the performance of many asset managers, thanks to breakthroughs made by the company in terms of AI trading development.

Why the AI Managed Account Outperforms its Competitors

Starting out as a precious metals dealer in 2003, World Markets is a full-service global financial firm which utilizes a team of professional traders to manage the accounts of its clients. Following trends set by Wall Street in 2017, the AI Managed Account issued by World Markets runs completely independent from human intervention, eliminating bias and emotion from trading activity. This allows it to make trades quickly and objectively, based on time-tested mathematical principles programmed into its algorithms. As a result, the AI Managed Account is able to outperform the Bitcoin market on a monthly basis as it can accrue gains regardless of whether the market is moving up, down, or sideways.

What is AI Trading?

AI is the abbreviation of “artificial intelligence,” a term used to infer that a machine has the capacity to learn, adapt, and improve upon its performance. This is made possible through the advent of neural network software which mimics the behavior of the brain’s learning process. Thanks to AI, incoming data can be compared to past results in order to make automated changes that allow for more accurate predictions about future incoming data.

As applied to trading software, AI trading means that most or all aspects of a trading program are governed by the neural network learning process. While most trading software uses simple algorithms that do not automatically adjust in order to adapt to changes in market conditions, AI-governed trading software is capable of making such adjustments. This allows it to remain flexible and harness a greater degree of profits than software with static, unchanging algorithms.

How to Get Started

To participate in the World Markets AI Managed Account program, simply open an account for free on their website. There is no charge for getting started, a 1% annual management fee and a 20% performance fee, which means 20% of total profits are taken on a monthly basis (there are never fees for losses). A minimum deposit of €5,000 is required which can be made in the form of a wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin or Ethereum payment. There are no fees or penalties for making withdrawals, which can be made at any time. Balances and trading activity can also be monitored at any time, 24/7. Trading in the AI Managed Account program requires zero intervention on the part of the user.

About World Markets

Founded in 2003, World Markets is a dealer of digital and physical gold and silver as well as a digital financial trading operation. They are the winner of several industry awards over the course of more than a decade and are currently partnered with some of the leading blockchain-based business associations, working to bring their expertise in the metals industry to that of digital assets trading. For more information about World Markets and their AI Managed Account program, visit their website. They can also be contacted via email, the messaging option provided on the website, or by calling one of the phone numbers of their many field branches located around the globe (also listed on the website).

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