Saturday, May 30, 2020

With Paytomat, Merchants Can Accept 18 Cryptocurrencies In Their Stores

One of the firms advancing the gospel of cryptocurrency adoption and usage is paytomat. It offers Merchants easy means to start accepting Cryptocurrencies payment in their stores without a specialist hardware or complex integration.

Accepting Crypto Payment With Paytomat

Paytomat is a crypto payment gateway that enables a store or merchants to accept about 18 Cryptocurrencies while still using their existing equipment. Thus far, hundreds of stores across four continents have added crypto support through paytomat.

Also, in the last two years, paytomat has increasingly become prominent as an accomplished PoS solution. Starting from its base in Europe, the firm has spread to many countries which include Venezuela, the Netherlands, and the United States. A dropdown menu on Paytomat website enables shoppers to filter through shops and restaurants to find crypto-accepting businesses in their area.

The 18 Cryptocurrencies supported by paytomat includes BCH, BTC, ZEN, EOS, ETH among others. Meanwhile, the merchants incur zero fees in using paytomat and can also withdraw their funds in a fiat currency of their choice if desired. This helps to combat the risk of volatility that has made many merchants uninterested in crypto payment adoption.

Also, paytomat integrates with a number of established PoS systems, which aids merchants to add cryptocurrency support through the use of their existing hardware. This only involves upgrading of their software to incorporate digital currency, and the only visual difference the merchant will see is the addition of a button marked “Crypto” that appears on the payment terminal, alongside the “Card” and “Cash” buttons.

A QR code is added to the check when a customer pays for goods using cryptocurrency; the customer scans it before transferring the amount to the merchant’s wallet.

Merchants that are interested in introducing crypto payment options for their clients can enroll for the service with paytomat on its website to initiate the process.

Encouraging Crypto Adoption

Crypto enthusiasts believe cryptocurrency usage will succeed banking system and the use of fiat currency. Though the use of cryptocurrency is still not prominent as enthusiasts project it to be, it is still at a nascent stage.

Large scale adoption and use of cryptocurrency are dependent on the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem. A firm such as paytomat is aiding the adoption with its infrastructure and structure. However, there is still a need for more awareness; knowledge of the advantages the use of crypto offers to users, as well as the technical, know how. This will further aid crypto adoption and use.

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