With 2822 Transactions Per Second, EOS Surpasses BTC, ETH, And XRP

Established cryptocurrencies are currently trailing the TPS record of EOS, as the coins recorded a groundbreaking 2822 TPS, within days of crossing the 2000 TPS. The coin recorded a staggering 2822, its just a matter of time before it catches up and surpasses the 3000 TPS which presently beats the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple and also topping the likes of VISA.


EOS has just crossed another hurdle; the fast-growing coin has broken yet another record. The latest data available on the EOS Network, the all-time high has reached 2822 transactions per second. That is a very significant feat as the coin just passed the 2000 TPS a couple of days back, and in just a blink of an eye, it is eyeing the 3000 TPS.
The product that prides itself for its scalability along with the ease in the usage, EOS is making tremendous progress in a proliferated cryptocurrency market.
EOS is an intelligent high-speed blockchain, which operates by intelligently allocating the entire network computing power to synchronize the node load with the cloud network in real time. It can make the average TPS of the network as the whole reach 100,000.

What then is TPS?

TPS is the number of transaction system processes per second. Its the core performance of a public chain and the basis for determining other functions and visions of the public chain.
The EOS is also working round the clock to make sure the platform is easy to use by implementing the human-readable addresses and free transactions to allow people to use DApps without tokens; however, RAMS plays an integral role.
One area EOS is making progress the scalability, as the platform continues to soar in its transactions per second, not forgetting that EOS also fully supports inter-chain communications, which allows the multiple blockchains to work parallelly as a single system that can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of transactions per second.

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