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Why there’s more to Chainlink’s growth than what meets the eye

After a collective collapse a week ago, the digital asset industry recovered somewhat, before falling once again. However, it would seem that Chainlink missed the memo in the first place. In fact, AMBThe post Why there’s more to Chainlink’s growth than what meets the eye
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Man Group CEO questions rationale of holding Bitcoin on balance sheets

Almost every company that has invested in Bitcoin thinks the crypto-asset is an emerging store of value. One to offer a fresh perspective on the asset class, however, is CEO of Man Group Luke Ellis whThe post Man Group CEO…
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What does Bitcoin's Options price action mean for its near-term?

Bitcoin, at the time of writing, was trading well above $57,000 again. While that is some recovery from its drop below $47,000 a few weeks ago, what must not be forgotten is that Bitcoin’s recovery siThe post What does Bitcoin’s…
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Another Purchase: MicroStrategy Bought 262 More Bitcoins for $15 Million

Michael Saylor’s business intelligence giant has kept its promise to allocate additional funds in the primary cryptocurrency. MicroStrategy announced on Friday that it had added another chunk of 262 bitcoins to its sizeable stack of over 91,000 tokens.  The company’s…