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Why do you need to keep an eye on Defi tokens SUSHI, UNI, AAVE?

The altcoin season may have become a cliche now, and what’s more, DeFi tokens are rallying to the extent of leading the most recent alt season. Bitcoin has traded sideways several times in the currentThe post Why do you need to keep an eye on Defi tokens SUSHI, UNI, AAVE?
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Binance Coin, Neo, Ontology, Maker Price Analysis: 23 March

Binance Coin targeted a comeback above the $258.6-level. Neo threatened to move below its 38.2% Fibonacci level which resided close to the $40-level. Finally, ONT targeted a hike above its overhead reThe post Binance Coin, Neo, Ontology, Maker Story continues…
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Uniswap V3 Offers Far Higher Exposure, Lower Risk For Staking

Uniswap has revealed an overview of V3 of the DEX which is due to launch on May 5, described by Uniswap as “the most flexible and capital-efficient AMM ever designed.” V3 will also launch separately on the L2 Optimism solution….
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Bridging CeFi and DeFi: Liquidity-as-a-Service Coming to Orbs Blockchain

Attempting to improve access to DeFi interest-bearing accounts, including for individuals, businesses, professional investors, and corporations, Orbs is introducing Liquidity Nexus to act as a bridge between centralized and decentralized finance. This Liquidity-as-a-Service solution looks to make DeFi applications more…