Monday, June 17, 2019

Which Is The Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet?

The year 2019 is just getting started and going by the events of last year, a Bitcoin wallet that promises anonymity is a good thing to have. The previous year witnessed various hacking events which left a lot of people with losses. That is why this year, crypto owners ought to safeguard their funds and identities with a quality Bitcoin wallet.

In this article, a list of top Bitcoin wallets will be presented to you to choose from and one shouldn’t go wrong with this list.

Let’s begin!

Jaxx Wallet

Any list of best wallets without Jaxx is incomplete. This wallet is a product of Decentral Inc., a Canadian based company.

Jaxx accepts different types of cryptocurrency. It doesn’t discriminate against any coin, as all of them, Bitcoin and others, can be stored in it.

When a new user is opening an account with Jaxx, no personal information will be required of them. Only a password of 13 words will be required of the user for their wallet recovery and two-factor authentication.

Jaxx also takes the anonymity of its users seriously, that is why a new public address is created for the user every time a transaction is being conducted, to maintain their anonymity. Now let us see some of the advantages of Jaxx.

Advantages Of Jaxx

Every transaction ushers in a new public address.

No user will be asked for their personal details.

Funds of clients are not kept by Jaxx which makes it impossible for the funds of users to be affected in any hacking event.

Disadvantages Of Jaxx

Funds cannot be withdrawn in the form of fiat currency.

The multi-signature feature is not used for transactions.

Electrum Wallet

Electrum was created in the year 2011 by Thomas Vogtlin, a computer scientist of German descent. This wallet is one of the oldest and functions only on a desktop computer. Also, this wallet supports no other coin save Bitcoin. Electrum supports cold storage wallets like Trezor. But what are cold storage wallets, you might ask? They are wallets that serve as a storage for savings funds. They are mostly offline wallets which also makes them more protected against malicious attacks. However, transactions are harder to be done through cold storage wallets.

Advantages Of Electrum

Hardware wallets are supported by it.

It provides high security and anonymity for its users.

It has a two-factor authentication feature.

Disadvantage Of Electrum

It is quite complicated to make use of, especially for beginners.

Samourai Wallet

Samourai was unveiled in 2015 and ensures anonymity through the use of military grade encryption. This wallet is available only on Android and also creates VPNs during the process of transactions.

Public addresses are created by the wallet during transactions, thereby ensuring the client’s anonymity.

Also, before a user can access Samourai, a five digit pin will be required every single time to maintain its high-security level.

Advantages Of Samourai

Its interface and features are easy to use.

Availability of military grade encryption.

Every transaction gets a new public address.

Disadvantages Of Samourai

Only accessible on the Android platform.

Funds cannot be withdrawn directly from it in the form of fiat money.

Final Words

The wallets mentioned above are easy to open because adequate help is provided by the wallets to make registration a smooth process.

Proper care should be taken by users to further protect themselves from fraudsters and hackers.

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