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What is BitClout? The Latest Crypto Hype – Is It Safe?

Every now and then, the cryptocurrency community is taken ablaze by a new project that does the rounds.
Now, it seems that Bitclout is where all the rage is – a new type of social network, the intention of which is to enable users to speculate on people and posts with real money.
Let’s have a closer look at what Bitclout is and why it is so popular right now.
What is the Bitclout Network?
Bitclout is a new decentralized protocol that brings forwards a social network, enabling users to speculate on people and posts using real money.
According to the project’s official whitepaper, it’s set up on its own custom blockchain and boasts a similar architecture to Bitcoin. However, it can only support data like posts, follows profiles, and other speculation features.
Without providing any further information about the technology behind the product itself, the whitepaper goes on to explain everything about its native cryptocurrency – BitClout, and the things users can do with it.
Yet, it mentions that “just like Bitcoin, anyone on the internet can run a BitClout “node” that serves the BitClout content, and every node on the network stores a full copy of all the data.”
The BitClout Cryptocurrency
BitClout can be bought for Bitcoin, and it can be used to “do all kinds of things on the platform, including buying a new type of asset called creator coins.”
Interestingly enough, the price for BitClout doubles for every million of BitClout sold – this is …
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