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Waves Enterprise expands to Singapore to pursue hybrid blockchain adoption

Asian markets are much friendlier to enterprise blockchain adoption, says Waves’s founder.
Waves Enterprise has onboarded Tokenomika Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based fintech company, as an operator for its hybrid public-private blockchain. Tokenomika will operate the Waves Enterprise public permissioned network, starting in March. The expansion comes as part of a strategy shift for Waves Enterprise, focusing more on hybrid networks that can interface with public blockchains like Ethereum. In Gartner’s “hype cycle for blockchain” report, the analytical firm predicts that the enterprise world will gradually move away from fully private networks to hybrid or even fully public options. Waves Enterprise is making a bet on this prediction, focusing on creating networks that can interface with the wider blockchain world — especially in the context of tokens. Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves, told Cointelegraph:“There are no fully operating corporate or gov blockchain ecosystems yet; I would say that the market is still in search of a minimal viable ecosystem model. But in any case you need to start out with something small, that’s the only way to build a sustainable ecosystem.”Ivanov noted that there are attempts by companies like Hedera Hashgraph to bring a mixed model, but he sees Waves’s offering as more comprehensive. While the market demand for hybrid solutions is still small, this may change in a three-to-five years perspective, according to Ivanov. In the meantime, the Singapore operator will focus on promoting ready-made products like Waves’s blockchain voting platform.Singapore provides the perfect jurisdiction …
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