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Want to be rich? Bitcoin’s limited supply cap means you only need 0.01 BTC

In 10 years Bitcoin’s finite supply will be nearly exhausted, meaning holders might only need 0.01 BTC to become filthy rich.
In 10 years Bitcoin’s finite supply will be nearly exhausted, meaning holders might only need 0.01 BTC to become filthy rich.Saving 0.01 Bitcoin (BTC) might cost only $5,000 today but according to the current global wealth distribution and the digital asset’s limited supply, 0.01 BTC just might be enough to make one a millionaire in the future.According to Credit Suisse’s “Global Wealth Report 2020”, there are 51.9 million individuals with a net worth surpassing $1 million. The index considers a person’s net worth, along with their financial and real estate assets, while al deducting their debts and liabilities.According to the report, the U.S. leads by a reasonably wide margin of 20.2 million, or 39% of the world’s total. China came in second place with 11% of the global total and Japan and the United Kingdom, France and Germany each comprised 5%.What is interesting is that despite representing just 1% of the global population (excluding children), these millionaires own 43% of the world’s wealth.The total household wealth of these wealthy individuals equals $400 trillion, with 53% represented by financial assets instead of real estate investments. This number varies between countries w 64% in the U.S., 44% in China and Germany, and 22% in India.According to Credit Suisse’s individual wealth breakdown, 175,700 people were worth more than $50 million. Of these, 55,800 were worth at least $100 million, and 4,410 had wealth over $500 million.Bitcoin’s finite supply will reach 98% in 10 yearsBitcoin Supply and equivalent inflation. Source: Medium. …
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