Monday, July 15, 2019

Walmart Files Blockchain Shipping Patent; Pursues Accurate Tracking

The multinational retail company Walmart has filed a patent application that details the use of a blockchain based system to keep track of shipments. The application is dated March 1, 2018.

The filing details the system core as a “smart” package, with an attached monitoring device that’s always connected to a network operated to give details of the state that the given package has in any time. Further into the application it is revealed that the system that it uses to track shipments is blockchain based: “a modular adapter coupled to an outer surface of the body portion, wherein the modular adapter is configured to releasably connect to an output of a delivery vehicle system; and a delivery encryption system comprising a blockchain for package tracking and authentication.”

A blockchain based tracking system would be ideal to simplify shipment managing and offer transparency to the customers, simplifying handling and reducing costs. An interesting application that seeks to leverage blockchain tech in other ways different from cryptocurrencies and bank remittances. The complete application can be found here.


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