Monday, June 17, 2019

Wallet of Satoshi: Introducing the World’s First User Friendly Lightning Wallet

The Wallet of Satoshi has been in the offing of TravelbyBit and Living Room of Satoshi for a while now. The idea behind the wallet is to make life more easy for its users and generally benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Birth Of a New Wallet

The crypto market has been proliferated with quite a lot of wallet, with each network promising its users the best of services. The development of the Bitcoin lightning network has been progressing throughout 2018 with the capacity of its network growing 100 folds in that time.

In other to provide a seamless user experience, the wallet possesses a superior technology that provides its users with an improved feature that makes it an improved version of all other wallets in the crypto market.

Commenting on the latest development, Daniel Alexiuc, the CEO of Living Room of Satoshi stated that :

“Wallet of Satoshi is designed to be the world’s simplest lightning wallet. We want everyone and their mum to participate in the new international economy, so it is focused on ease of use, and is available on IOS and Android.”

The lightning network is a major advancement for Bitcoin, which has been accused severally of being quite slow and very expensive. The wallet of Satoshi is prompt and as such will effectively reduce the time used in a transaction, while also reducing the cost of the transaction while using Bitcoin.

The Living Room of Satoshi CEO further revealed that the wallet is safe, fast and also very cheap.

“Lightning is the real world retail payment system we’ve been anticipating for years, and it is finally here! It’s extremely fast and cheap, it scales , and it uses Bitcoin , the most secure international currency the world has ever seen,” he concluded.

Move for Global Adoption

Leading the merchant adoption of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in Australia is TravelbyBit, who recently received massive investment from Binance. The lightning payment will be available immediately to all merchants using TravelbyBit in Australia, including the prestigious Brisbane International Airport.

Adding voice to thought, TravelbyBit co-founder Caleb Yeoh stated that:

“Wallet of Satoshi and TravelbyBit are working to encourage lightning network adoption and they need your support. If you are Brisbane Airport try making a purchase using the Lightning Nnetwork and tweet it to show the world Australia is leading the way with this technology.”

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