Virtual Lands Are The New Investments, As Genesis City Sells $100,000 Worth Of Lands

Virtual reality platform, generally known as the decentraland platform, recently sold a 40-parcel piece of virtual land, estimated around $100,000. The recent purchase indicates the highest acquisition that Genesis has seen up to date.

Era Of Virtual Space

The decentraland platform is a virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum blockchain, which allows its users to create, experience and monetize their content and applications. The decentraland platform is the first virtual, decentralized platform owned and created by its users.
The platform is coordinated and maintained by smart contracts and divided into parcels, which are made available to the users and members of the community who are interested.
The marketplace on the platform is designed in such a way that it allows the users to buy and sell the parcels and can be used by the users in any way they wish, including games, online businesses and other enterprises that catch the attention of the user.
Decentraland is unique to others; the platform provides opportunities for its users. Users can explore or even create their own piece of the universe. Interested users can purchase through the Ethereum blockchain, thereby creating an immutable record of ownership.
The ownership of the of the land gives the user to create any unique experience that suits their taste and yearnings, unlike anything ever in existence.
A barrier was broken with the launch of the VR game called chain breaker. The plot is that of the old Grecian empire, and the massive corruption entailed in the administration, which is at war with players and separatists who are against the government.
Chain breakers were developed by Qwellcode, a specialist in developing VR blockchain games and currently under the decentraland platform.
Acquisition of virtual lands is the trend in most developed countries. The British Broadcasting Corporation reported recently that investors are now spending real money to buy lands in a new city that only exists in virtual reality.
The report states that the opportunity to build whatever they want on the land was the main attraction in the acquisition, while others are hoping to make profit trading goods and services in cryptocurrency.

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