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Useful Cryptocurrency Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Web Browsers

There are several useful cryptocurrency extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera web browsers. You can send and receive Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and other digital assets that are supported by these plugins. Think of it as a writer’s need for online tools such as Grammarly and the webmaster’s use of Moz.

Caution While Downloading Cryptocurrency Extensions

Caution has to be taken before installing any third party extension on your web browser. The plugin may have been recommended by a friend and its features sound good, but it doesn’t give it a high integrity score. That is why you have to take some time to read the positive and negative reviews it has gotten in order to ascertain its level of performance.

This and many more will ensure that your web browser is not susceptible to a malware attack that may affect its seamless mode of operation or worse, steal your funds. Most importantly, always download extensions from the official site or the link from the site leading to Play store. With these in mind, the following cryptocurrency extensions will come in handy when you need them.

Cryptocurrency Price Charts Extensions

If you’ll like to keep up with the market prices of cryptocurrencies without visiting websites, then a plugin will do the trick. One of such is CryptoTab START which shows the price of Bitcoin in real time. You can also search the web and check the weather right from the extension. Others such as Crypto tab and Bitcoin Tab also allow you to stream Bitcoin’s price in real time.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Extensions

So you’re about to pay for a transaction with Ethereum or Bitcoin and you don’t want the hurdles of logging into a cryptocurrency exchange or mobile wallet? then a cryptocurrency wallet extension is one way to go. Tippin, for instance, can be installed in order to send Bitcoin tips to Twitter users over the lightning network.

On the other hand, to send and receive Ethereum/ERC20 tokens right from your web browser, you can rely on the Metamask wallet extension. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera internet browsers. Likewise, Badger enables Bitcoin cash to be sent and received right from a web browser.

Cryptocurrency Currency Converter Extensions

To convert Bitcoin to dollars, euros, pounds, and other fiat currency without employing a cryptocurrency website, calculator, or even Google, a plugin has been developed to cater to that aspect. Notable among these, is the Currency Converter which allows Bitcoin to USD conversion and vice versa.

Privacy and Ad Block Extensions

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you’ll likely come across several ads on web pages. Some may look nice enough, while others will definitely be intrusive. There are also certain platforms whose videos will tend to load automatically, and if that’s not what you’re out to get, there are plugins you can use. Extensions like Chrome’s AdBlock and I Don’t Care About Cookies can take care of that aspect. 

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