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US Actress Lindsay Lohan to Release Exclusive NFT Collection on TRON

Just a month after openly endorsing TRON on Twitter, the American actress Lindsay Lohan has partnered with the Justin Sun-founded blockchain project. Moreover, she has delved even further into the ongoing NFT craze by creating her own collection, which will be released on the TRON network. 
TRON, the popular blockchain project founded by Justin Sun, announced its latest partnership milestone in a press release shared with CryptoPotato.  
The post highlighted the recently launched TRC-721 protocol that provides “viable alternatives to the high gas fees and slow transition speed on Ethereum” for those who want to take advantage of the current NFT mania. 
One of the first celebrities to employ TRON’s NFT services is the 34-year-old actress, entrepreneur, and TV personality – Lindsay Lohan. She already auctioned off her own Lightning Network-inspired NFT but has now decided to release exclusive collectibles on TRON. 

“Hollywood and the music industry are finally waking up to crypto, and it is large part thanks to NFTs. The whole world has been keen on learning more about the NFT space. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this revolution, helping to bridge the gap between creators and content admirers.” – Lohan commented. 

Justin Sun was also quick to welcome her to the TRON community and outlined that she is a “true icon” who has been “very vocal about crypto, blockchain adoption, and NFT.” 
Apart from her previous NFT endeavors, Lohan has also displayed a positive approach towards other Justin Sun products. Back in mid-February, …
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