UNICEF Will Use The Blockchain To Provide Internet Access For Every School In Kyrgyzstan

Every school in Kyrgyzstan is set to see improved internet access with the aid of blockchain technology, courtesy of the UNICEF. The children nonprofit organization has been in talks with the Kyrgyzstan government for its implementation.

Exploring Blockchain Tech For Internet Service

Munir Mammadzade, the deputy representative for UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, stated that the organization is at the early stages of exploring a blockchain-based solution for the Project Connect initiative in Kyrgyzstan. He noted that the government is working with UNICEF and the private sector to connect every school in the country to the Internet and provide access to information and opportunity to all young people.
The project is a subset of the ongoing project of UNICEF known as project connect. This is aimed at engaging over 1500 local schools in Kyrgyzstan and exploring a blockchain-based solution for improving and monitoring Internet connectivity levels.
The project is already mapped out for 150, 000 schools in the globe and 1,560 schools are based in Kyrgyzstan. Half of the schools in the country are noted to have no internet access or have no data on the matter.
Meanwhile, the implementation of this project would aid the quality of the academic system of the countries that would be covered. The absence of modern technology, such as internet access is prevalent in most third world countries and is affecting the standard of their education system in comparison to the developed countries. Introducing the blockchain technology to improve and provide internet access is a big boost for the countries involved as well as the blockchain tech, as it sees growth.

Implementing The Blockchain Solution At An “Accelerated Crazy Crypto Timeline.”

Lead personnel of UNICEF Ventures Chris Fabian stated that the blockchain project is happening at an “accelerated crazy crypto timeline” and it should see completion in the present year. However, he noted that they are still at the very early modular stage, doing the mapping, getting the connectivity piece and figuring out the accounting.
Also, Fabian emphasized the use of the blockchain tech as a tool to improve monitoring the quality of the internet in schools and other facilities. He noted that the potential of distributed ledger technology for accounting, management, and monitoring is multi-faceted.
Last year, UNICEF launched a charitable donation website that mine Cryptocurrencies to raise funds for vulnerable children worldwide and the initiative has almost 280,000 donors at the moment.