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UMA/INR trading on WazirX

Namaste Tribe! UMA/INR trading is live on WazirX and you can buy, sell, trade UMA in our INR market.

UMA/INR trading is live on WazirX! Share thisAbout UMA

UMA Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocol on Ethereum for any two counterparties to create their own financial contracts and synthetic assets. The protocol uses a model known as Total Return Swap, which is a bilateral contract where one counterparty pays the total return of a specific underlying asset, including interest payments or dividends and any capital appreciation or depreciation. Conversely, the opposing counterparty pays a regular fixed cash flow. The underlying asset is commonly called a reference asset, and the swap is settled and terminated at a specific date in the future.

Trading Price (past 24 hr): $24.61 USDGlobal Market Cap (past 24 hr): $1,382,593,068 USDTrading Volume (past 24 hr): $45,466,446 USDCirculating Supply: 56,182,726 UMAMax Supply: 101,172,570 UMATotal Supply: 101,758,357 UMAShare this with your friends!Happy Trading!
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