Wednesday, July 15, 2020

U.S. Defense Logistics Agency to Use Blockchain in Improving Disaster Relief

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop support is looking for ways to employ Blockchain technology in its processes in order to ensure that accurate information is given at all times. This is information about the ordering and delivery of shipment supplies which will be accessible to everyone and the updates made will be seen in real-time.

Improving CPI’s Support to Regions in Need of Aid

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is DLA’s troop support. The team in 2017 supplied about 88.1 million meals, 41,000 power poles, and 1,264 generators to countries affected by the hurricane. Therefore, they have sought ways to improve this level of support by making it faster and more efficient.

The CPI began to analyze the Technology in a two-day meeting which was held from December 3rd to 4th. Here, the team reviewed the potentials Blockchain could have in tracking the supply chain of relief materials. This is a technology which they’ve said could positively influence where they will be as an organization and how far they can go.

Current System Used is Centralized and Lacks Enough Visibility

The team outlined that the current system used was a database whose information was managed by only one agency and had to be synchronized in order to allow others to gain access to its updated information. For this reason, there was no transparency in how products were ordered and delivered to the affected regions receiving the CPI’s aids.

Therefore, Blockchain technology which is a decentralized system can be accessed by anyone who has been granted access rights. All participants of the network will be able to see these updates immediately. As such, it brings about transparency and will help to foster trust among these people.

CPI Believes Blockchain has Enormous Potentials

Several members of the team made comments and one of such is from Elijah Londo, CPI’s management analyst. He is of the opinion that Blockchain has a lot of potentials. Also, many experts have made comparisons between this technology and the internet. While the former helps to foster trust and change the way transactions are carried out, the internet has transformed communication.

More industries, businesses, and governmental organizations are also recognizing the impacts Blockchain can have in improving their processes. A recent study released by Tata Communications shows that 44% of companies have adopted the DLT. These are people who have said that this technology has helped to increase their generated revenue after its implementation.

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