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U.S. Congressman Suggests That Blockchain Technology Can Raise Funds for Border Security

Donald Trump, US president wants the Congress to approve funds of about $5 billion for a wall that will be built at the border between the US and Mexico. If that is not done before December 21, he is ready to shut down part of the government this month. This was revealed on December, 12 while the president spoke with a TV reporter stating that he must get “what we want, one way or the other.”

Border Wall to Prevent Illegal Immigration

The proposed wall is to serve as a security measure which will prevent people from illegally entering the country. Based on reports, it will take at least 60 votes in the Senate before a bill is passed for the funds to be released. Moreover, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the proposed funds since a lot of money has been spent of recent.

Warrenson Davidson, on the other hand, a U.S. Congressman and a supporter of the Blockchain technology has made a suggestion. His suggestion may be a possible solution which will build a wall and also ensure that the Senate does not spend more money. In Warren’s opinion, a “Buy a brick, build a wall” program should be introduced.

Wall Coin to be Used in Generating Funds for The Border Project

This means that the general public (Americans or Mexicans) should donate to the building of the wall since the Senate has been spending too much money. To make this possible, a decentralized platform will be relied upon and that is Blockchain Technology. In Warrenson’s opinion, a Wall Coin can be developed and offered for sale on the platform. When this is done, Trump’s need for a border security will be easily achieved.

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In November, the Congressman revealed that he will introduce a bill to regulate ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The aim is to provide a secure platform for investors and stop these virtual currencies from being classified as securities. Also, the SEC will have no jurisdiction when it comes to the use of cryptocurrencies and even crypto exchanges.

It is also worthy to note that Ohio Texas began accepting Bitcoin for taxes in November. This is after other States like Georgia, Arizona, and Illinois had proposed a bill to that effect but failed to see it through. The congressman is serving in Ohio’s 8th District which means directly or indirectly, he must have had something to do with it.

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