Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Already Using Raving Extension, Tippin

Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of social media network Twitter, is fast becoming a darling to the crypto community and has once again announced his pioneering transactions with the new Tippin extension.

Tip Me, a new bot which was recently created and built leveraging the lightning network protocol is fast gaining prominence and popularity after recording its 665,000th download within the space of a week.
The fast rise of the new bot and extension is mostly due to the involvement of Twitter’s CEO who has not refrained from publicizing and even ‘proselytizing’ the new fun payment add-on which is built on Lightning Network.
Tippin is built on a similar concept of ChangeTips which grew popular in 2015 but quieted down a few years later after being bought by Airbnb.  Tippin when integrated into a google chrome browser or one similar such as Mozilla, allows Twitter users to tip their most loved tweets and twitteratis with a little bitcoin. The extension when enabled integrates a lightning bolt symbol seamlessly beside every ‘retweet’ button which would, in turn, allow a user to reward great tweets with small Bitcoin. A cap has been built on the number of BTC that could be sent at once to prevent money laundering via Tippin.
The new development brings cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular to the most ordinary of people and encourages the adoption of Bitcoin, while significantly improving its scalability at very minimal to no cost. By allowing users to give and also be rewarded with Bitcoin instantaneously, the new extension now provides a way for money to be easily raised on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey is a Darling

The Twitter CEO announced via a tweet that he had already received some bitcoins via the new Tippin service and called the new service excellent. He tweeted:

Dorsey has long been an ‘evangelizer’ and proponent of Lightning Network and was part of an early initiative to bring Lightning Network to the attention to the crypto community. Being the CEO of Square, a crypto-friendly mobile payment firm and also an early investor in Lightning Labs, it is no surprise that Dorsey is seemingly taken with the new development which is looking to take the Bitcoin community by storm.
The Twitter CEO might also be believed to be doing as much he can to push Bitcoin to the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption across the world. He had famously stated in the past:

“The internet is going to have a native currency so let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen. I don’t know if it will be bitcoin, but I hope it will be.”

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