Twitter Blames Recent Bitcoin Giveaway Scams on a Third-Party Marketing App

Last week, Google’s official G Suite Twitter account was hacked and used to carry out a bitcoin ‘giveaway’ scam, which is popular in the crypto world and mostly carried out using Twitter. The social media platform claimed that the hack was as a result of a hacked third-party provider and not because of a glitch in their system.
The tech giant indicated in a series of emails with a news website that the tweets were shared by conniving fraudsters who discovered a loophole in a third-party app, maliciously utilized the opportunity, and subsequently shared their tweet in a bid to scam users who would think the information was valid.

Google’s Account Hacked to Promote 10,000 BTC Giveaway Scam

Apart from Google’s official G Suite Twitter account, the Twitter accounts of a number of top brands were also hacked, including Target store in order to propagate tricks, massively masking the fraud in the form of a Bitcoin giveaway. Typical of several other Bitcoin giveaway scams, the conmen posted with these brands’ accounts to send a specified range of cryptocurrency to win back a lot of cryptos, which could be as much as 10,000 BTC.
After the scam tweets were removed, Target posted that “Its Twitter account was inappropriately accessed” and explained that the hackers had exploited a loophole in a third-party marketing app used to publish content on behalf of Target on Twitter.

This has somewhat cleared the confusion on how so many Twitter accounts of the prominent brands were able to get hacked all at the same time to post the same content. The Body Shop, Toledo Rockets, Universal Music Czech Republic, and even the UNHCR Serbia account also got hacked around the same Target’s account was compromised.
This, however, isn’t the first time a prominent Twitter account has been hacked to post about these useless crypto giveaways. Both Pathe UK and Cap Gemini Australia had their accounts hacked before, but the scam was handled in a different way with their accounts. Their profile pictures and names of their brands were replaced with Elon Musk’s image, and his brand before the scam posts were made. We’re not exactly sure about the motive behind this move, but we predict it’s because of Elon Musks’s several statements on cryptocurrency.

Twitter’s Lackadaisical Approach towards the Increasingly Serious Giveaway Scams

Other high profile individuals whose pictures have been used on Twitter accounts to promote these scam tweets include Donald Trump; President of the United States, and John McAfee; British-American computer programmer and businessman. Musk made comments concerning cryptocurrency after a former SpaceX intern claimed that he was Satoshi Nakamoto last year November 2017 that he only had about 0.25 BTC sent by a friend years ago but did not know where it was.
Twitter has come under lots of criticism in the past couple of months with users concerned about the high level of the crypto giveaway scams and wondering why there hasn’t been anything to counter this negative development. Cornell professor Emin Gun Sirer bashed Twitter earlier this year in March when he asked how the social media giant intended to improve its platform when it could not checkmate this crude type of scam.
At the time, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey replied stating that Twitter was on the case. The year has almost elapsed, and Twitter still has not found a solution to the prevailing problem.

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