TTM Bank Crypto Card: Advantages and Overview

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As cryptocurrencies continue to boom in popularity, many companies have focused on creating crypto cards that are used to pay for everyday goods and services.
As convenient as they may be, many of them come with the same inherent drawbacks that defy the purpose of decentralization. This is where the TTM Bank Card comes into the picture.
The TTM Bank Card – It’s Different
The procedure to start using the majority of popular cryptocurrency cards is oftentimes similar.
At first, the user needs to register on the associated platform, then set up a wallet and transfer funds. Only then they can charge up the card. This procedure forces a potential cardholder to take risks due to partial loss of control over funds. It is against the main principle of decentralization, where holders take full control over their funds. In this sense, most platforms that issue crypto cards are no different from a regular bank that can also exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat.
The TTM Bank cryptocurrency card is different. The platform doesn’t require users to open an account on a third-party platform – they can transfer cryptocurrencies directly to the card account from a wallet of their choice. The cryptocurrencies are converted into fiat upon deposition, and fiat money is stored in the licensed bank.
In this sense, the TTM Bankcard is a bridge between the digital currencies market and conventional financial system that allows holders to pay with crypto cards at any point of sale, online and offline, …
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