Trust, That We Need More Of

Bitcoin grants individuals the chance to create more trust through the rebuilding of social capital and economic stability.(This article is part of a two-article series from Karo Zagorus. The previous article in the series can be found on in Volume 10 under the name “Trust, The Lack Of.”)Fiat money has evolved into a disease which created an environment that seeped into the foundations of society. Last time, we looked at the direct effects of money, what it can create that self reinforces our environment into evil cycles that indirectly affect human trust. It is not the institutions’ and individuals’ goals to abuse our trust, their behavior is indirectly enabled and reinforced by the environment it is present in.This problem directly affects cognition — we turn more selective with who we trust and how we form our connections. Social capital is required for a properly functioning society, and it is what is depleting today. Imagine social capital like energy in a mobile game that forces you to wait until it gets refilled over time. Now, imagine if people would operate the same way. It works exactly the same way, if you are out of it, you at least need some money to raise your time preference in order to refill your energy meter to continue doing activities. But it’s a bit too simplified that way, truth to be told, because it can create way too many consequences if it depletes.Robert D. Putman, in his book titled “Bowling …
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