Sunday, June 16, 2019

Tron [TRX] Compared To Google, As Its Daily Transaction Volume Surpasses Ethereum And EOS

Tron’s CEO recently revealed in a tweet that Tron’s daily transaction volume has soared than that of EOS and Ethereum put together.

Tron Going Stronger

The daily transaction volume of Tron outperforms that of its rivals. Tron currently boasts of  27 million daily transactions more than its competitors, EOS, and Ethereum.

The announcement made by Sun stirred exciting reactions from the Tron community. A Twitter user noted that,

“Bottom line is that $TRX has more DApp volume. That’s what the original post was about. Hey, I like EOS as well, but $TRX is killing it in DApps….whether you like $TRX or not.”

Another user went further to compare Tron to Google. The user mentioned “Can’t argue against stats. $TRX is the equivalent of Google. ETH is equivalent to Yahoo and EOS well I’m not sure it will survive another 2-5 years perhaps equivalent to AltVista for those who remember early internet days.”

However, the comparison of Tron with Google can only be justified with its success over time. Also, the rivalry between Tron, Ethereum, and EOS will no doubt bring more innovation to the blockchain space.

BTT Airdrop and BitTorrent Demo Platform Launch

Justin went further to announce the second BTT Airdrop. The regular BTT Airdrops are distributed through crypto exchanges and wallets that support the BitTorrent promotional initiative.

Justin stated on March 11, in a tweet that the second BTT Airdrop has been initiated and it will end in 72 hours. He further noted that those that have their TRX tokens on exchanges or a wallet supporting Tron’s program should be expecting their tokens.

Also on March 9, he revealed in a tweet that “Saw demo today. #BTT is running extremely smooth and fast which is powered by #TRON. Every transaction is instant and safe with decentralization guaranteed. I can’t imagine how much we will shake the industry once we deliver these to the entire 100 million active users.”

Justin further said that the BitTorrent (BTT) demo highlights optimum decentralization. This indicates the Tron powered platform seems to operate with maximum efficiency and speed, just as expected.

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