TRON Greatly Outperforming Ethereum in the dApps Industry

Ethereum is widely regarded as the larger network in comparison with Justin Sun’s Tron, but when it comes with decentralized applications, the Ethereum blockchain might just want to take several seats.

Listen Up

TRON is commanding more dApp startups and users every day compared to its competitors Ethereum and EOS, and by now it shouldn’t be news more than it is a surprise. Justin sun, founder and CEO of the TRON blockchain platform might be regularly chided as a passionate talker with incredible marketing skills rather than a well-oiled focus on technology, but it is hard to determine the young entrepreneur’s impressive results. Few months after appearing in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list, he continues to break ground and grow the TRON community. Apart from the eye-catching potential performances that we have to come to expect in TRON upgrades, it is safe to say one of TRON’s bigger strength is in its large but tightly knit community.

During the latest TRON blockchain summit in January, Taehoon Kim, founder of game makers nWay, and Jared Psigoda of Bitguild both pointed out that the bolstering community on TRON was one of the key factors that influenced their decision to choose  TRON over competitors  Ethereum and EOS; especially for Dan Chao maker of CryptoAssault whose company fled Ethereum’s ship for the ‘supportive’ TRON.

TRON leaves Ethereum in its Wake

A tweet from RatingDapp analyzing the weekly activities and transactions on TRON, Ethereum and EOS revealed expected but still surprising results that showed that TRON was exceedingly outperforming Ethereum in the dApp industry.  The ratings showed TRON ’s weekly transaction of $180 million spiked up more than 200 per cent from its previous value while EOS which must have been earlier leading saw its weekly volume plunge downwards by 28 per cent.

Although TRON might be performing quite well in the dApp sector, Ethereum still has a bigger community overall, and the rivalry and online diss might not end any time soon. TRON has been posting record numbers since it’s last Odyssey hard fork upgrade, and Justin Sun’s decision to shove it into the face of Ethereum fans is surely not going to quell future banters with Vitalik Buterin himself.

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