Trezor Suite updates March 2021

Product updateUpdate to the latest version (21.3.1)A new update for Trezor Suite has just been released to download from . This is a non-essential update that introduces some new features, including replace-by-fee (RBF) for ETH, and improves elements of the user experience.If you have not yet updated to Trezor Suite 21.2.1 or later, please make sure you update to the latest version of suite before the next major update. This will allow updates to be carried out directly from within Trezor Suite in future.RBF for Ethereum transactionsLast month we launched the replace by fee feature for Bitcoin, which allows you to bump the fee on unconfirmed sent transactions to achieve quicker confirmations. This month, we’re doing the same for ETH!Given the recent spikes in average gas fees, Ethereum transactions have been costing some users tens or even hundreds of dollars a pop. Now, with RBF enabled for ETH, you can send a transaction at a comfortable price and later increase the fee if there is trouble getting the transaction to confirm.Speed up an Ethereum transaction by increasing gas feesWhen you next go to your Ethereum wallet in Trezor Suite and send a transaction like normal, you will be shown a new option, ‘Bump Fee’ on the pending, unconfirmed transaction.If the transaction confirms quickly enough, then great! But if it stays stuck as pending, you can click on Bump fee to open a dialogue that will let you change the fee setting.In the …
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