Traders speculate that Bitcoin’s price may continue to trade sideways for now

CryptoWendyO and Cheds weigh in on where Bitcoin’s price could head next.
Bitcoin’s price has declined in recent days. While it has rebounded from its weekly lows, the asset’s trajectory remains uncertain says CryptoWendyO, a crypto trader on Twitter.  “The daily timeframe is not looking great as we are having trouble sustaining $50K,” she told Cointelegraph on Friday. “I am feeling like we will get a run to $51.6[K].”She added:“From there I would be cautious as rejection could lead back to the $50K -$45K range. A break down there could be a swift wick to $42-38K with a glorious recovery. Invalidation would be a sustained consolidation at $52K.”After hitting record highs of approximately $58,360 in February, Bitcoin (BTC) dropped down to roughly $43,015 in subsequent days, based on TradingView data. The asset then rebounded up to about $52,660, before continuing its downward price action below $50,000. Bitcoin is trading at roughly $49,020 at time of publication. Cheds, a trader on Twitter holding his CMT level I certification, expects “more consolidation from BTC above that key 42k level,” he told Cointelegraph on Friday. He also tweeted a chart of his range expectations. “The big question is if the recent 27% correction is enough to bring us to a new high,” Cheds said. “In the meantime we will watch a tightening range on the daily of lower highs and higher lows.” A number of technology stocks have also suffered price decline recently.
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