Toshi Rebrands To Coinbase Wallet With Better Features For The Community

Toshi is a mobile Ethereum based wallet. It was developed by Coinbase. The wallet is easy to use, it offers users desired functions, what’s more, users are in control of their private keys.
A recent announcement revealed that Coinbase has decided to revamp the known Toshi mobile cryptocurrency wallet they previously created. This is on the quest for innovation in the nascent cryptocurrency industry. The rebranded Coinbase Wallet, formally known as Toshi wallet will now be able to help users who are ready to put money into products that improve the decentralized web, bringing the future close to these users.
The whole belief for Coinbase is that the future application will be created on the blockchain which is a decentralized internet for everybody to be able to access. Coinbase believes everybody will have a crypto wallet for themselves that will enable them to access the open financial system.
Following the trend of development made by Coinbase, after they developed Toshi almost two years back which had the world’s first mobile dapp browser (the decentralized application). Few months after they initiated the first wallet to launch crypto collectibles such as Cryptokitties and the likes.
The goal of Coinbase is to make cryptocurrencies manageable and to make the decentralized web easily accessible just like downloading an application for a mobile device. This is remarkably brilliant and also a smart move.
With the new Coinbase Wallet, users can now store their private keys within their mobile devices, instead of in a centralized server which is easily hackable. Doing this, both the private keys are safely kept in a secure enclave through biometric authentication processes, and also the funds are readily controllable by the users.
The new wallet is loaded with a whole lot of features you probably won’t find in any other Ethereum based cryptocurrency wallet out there. Users can send and receive not just Ethereum tokens but other ERC20 tokens as well alongside crypto collectibles. You can make passive income on the wallet by answering questions or completing tasks. Also, users can surf the decentralized web using third-party apps accessible on the platform.
Crypto enthusiasts are so excited at this development as there have been more than 10,000 downloads via the Google play store already with a bunch of great reviews about the new cryptocurrency wallet.