Top Indian Business School Issues Blockchain-based Degree Certificates

SP Jain School of Global Management, one of India’s top business schools has issued 1,189 certificates to its graduates. These certificates have been stored on the Ethereum Blockchain thereby granting anyone in the world access to them. This will help to reduce the level of fake certificates that are in circulation.

Simple to Use Blockchain Platform for Validating Certificates

The school has said that people do not need great expertise in the use of technology or  Blockchain before gaining access to the platform where these documents are stored. Thus, the five processes involved in verifying and validating these documents are easy. By scanning the QR code on the certificates, their Genuity can be validated and without using any other software or application.
Aside from verifying results, schools and employees who may want to know more about their prospective candidate can find other details about them. This will include their projects, transcript, attendance, and portfolio. Therefore, it goes a long way to tell a lot about a student and help employers to determine the qualifications of their candidates.

The Blockchain is Chosen for its High Level of Security

The Blockchain platform that is being used was created in partnership with Smart-Sense Consulting Solutions. As is always the case, Blockchain was chosen for its level of security. In addition, its stored cannot be changed easily and as such, students will be unable to falsify documents. There’s also the location barrier it takes away since anyone that has been granted access rights can make verifications.
Nitish Jain, President, SP Jain School of Global Management said that in the past few years, attempts have been made to use Blockchain in issuing certificates. But then, the certificate’s lifecycle has not been fully captured by organizations. He also added that digital certificates are the future. This is because private data relating to the students can be securely stored on Blockchain.

Industries Adopting Blockchain Technology

Vikram Pandya, Director of the Fintech Program in the school added that the trends in technology have made industries to turn the digital way. From Shopping to Banking, these modern technologies are being used. That being the case, it becomes necessary to digitize important documents.
We also revealed in our earlier report that Malaysia is trying to combat fake degree certificates using Blockchain technology. Here, certificates issued are also stored on Blockchain and they are accessible anywhere in the world. Their QR code when scanned from a web application, makes the digital data accessible.

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