Top Hospitals in the U.S. to Store Patients' Data on Blockchain

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has partnered with MediBloc, a Korean Blockchain startup to store patients’ data on the Blockchain platform. In a ranking by the US News & World Report, MGH is said to be the 4th best hospital in the US. Therefore, it becomes necessary for this reputable medical institution to have a more secure means of storing information.

Insecure Means of Transferring Data With the Current System

According to a media outlet’s report, health organizations including research bodies, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies rely on particular data about a patient. At the moment, this is information that cannot be securely transferred between them and their incompatible formats leads to difficulty during transfer.
That being so, a secure solution that will allow them to store data and transfer it is necessary. This is a system which can show the updated copies of data in real time. As such, all organizations that are working with the data will see it. It can be noted that Blockchain technology has great potentials and its application can improve data storage.

The Hospital Will Rely on Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning

Synho Do, Director of the Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation, said that the hospital had made plans to use modern technologies. This will include Blockchain, Artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. Each of this technology will help in the way health information is exchanged and in medical image analysis.
A tool that converts the data stored in the current system to a universal format will also be developed. As a result, there may be no need to transfer this data between organizations. This can be attributed to the fact that anyone with access rights to the Blockchain platform can access it.

More Application of Blockchain Technology in Health

The application of Blockchain technology in hospitals is not uncommon. The reason is, several health organizations are trying to improve the services rendered to patients. Witty Health Inc., an oncology Blockchain company recently launched a cancer decision-making tool that enables oncologists to determine if a patient’s state of health has improved.
Also, ICONLOOP developed a tool that will help in predicting disease in people three years from now. The tool aims to allow people to get medical attention on time and eliminate potential risks that may occur. It also seeks to provide a better way for people to manage their health data.