Top Cryptocurrency Wallets

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the ways people are diversifying their portfolio. To get started, certain things cannot be compromised, and one of them is a digital wallet.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

To clearly understand what a cryptocurrency wallet is, it is best viewed as a bank, while the wallet address can be likened to the bank account which can be used to store, receive and send cryptocurrency to other addresses linked to their respective wallet or used for shopping purposes. Whatever need cryptocurrency serves, for trading or asset ownership, a wallet account is a necessity.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets

1. Coinpayments

This digital asset wallet is web-based and has become a highly sought wallet by crypto enthusiasts. It became popular when it approved the storage of over 1200 cryptocurrencies on its online wallet account. Its registration and services are free except for a transaction fee the website charges when a transfer is made from one wallet to another.

Features of Coinpayments

BitGo integrated:

With integrated BitGo, Coinpayments provides an online wallet service that is secure and fast for its users.

Mobile App: Though Coinpayments is web-based, it also has a mobile app that can be used on all major OS.

Vault: The Company has a vault feature in place to protect users’ funds from hackers.

2. Exodus

Exodus is a cryptocurrency wallet that is very easy to use. It has graphics features and a reporting system that works. Though these features can be found on other online wallets, Exodus goes a step further by making them better on its platform.

Features of Exodus

One-click Exchange: Exodus makes the transaction of users faster by eliminating verification procedures. Users can simply carry out their transaction with just one click.

Multi-currencies: No extra charges are required for the storage of multiple digital assets in the Exodus wallet.

Complete security: Exodus is an offline crypto wallet. Of course, users create their digital wallet accounts via a website, but the information provided by users is not stored on the Exodus server, rather it’s stored on the user’s computer.

3. Jaxx

Jaxx is a digital asset wallet that is mobile-based. This doesn’t stop it from working well on the Windows platform as well as on other operating systems. Jaxx was designed to store and secure cryptocurrencies from hackers.

Features of Jaxx:

Most Jaxx features can be seen on other wallet services, but some are just reserved for its premium users. Mostly, these features were designed for mobile devices.

Total Control: The private key for the digital currency will not be saved on Jaxx server upon creation; instead, it will be saved only on the local device, thereby protecting the funds of users.

Ease of Use: Jaxx has a simplified method of use that allows users to conduct their business with little verification requirements. Jaxx privacy model is based on Nada privacy model.

Exclusive Design: Jaxx mobile app has a stylish but simple design. The company has fitted the app with dozens of options and features that will help users to handle their transactions effectively.

4. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet with LCD screen that comes in the size of a USB. Though hardware wallets are expensive, this one is worth it because it provides features that are not readily available on other cryptocurrency wallets, especially in the aspect of security.

Features of Ledge Nano S:

Multi-currency support: Almost all the popular digital assets are supported on this wallet, and different cryptocurrencies can be stored in one wallet at the same time.

Built-in Display: The LCD of the wallet allows users to view their transactions and to confirm and verify them.

Easy to operate: It is true that this hardware wallet comes in a small size, but it also has buttons that makes it easy to operate.

5. Ledger Blue

This is yet another hardware wallet designed by the same company that made the Nano S hardware wallet. Ledger Blue is not only more advanced than Ledger Nano S; it is also physically different from it. Ledger Blue has a bigger size and more new options that are not yet found in any digital asset wallet anywhere. Its specifications and advanced features makes it one of the most costly hardware wallet in the market.

Features of Ledger Blue:

Secure Elements: Ledger Blue is based on the dual chip architecture technology which helps to keep the digital assets of users safe.

Malware Proof: It is tough for Ledger Blue to get attacked by a hacker or virus because of its very high security. No one else, except the user, will be able to gain access to the wallet.

Pin Code: Users can make their wallet account impenetrable by setting a 4 to 8 digit PIN code anytime they unlock the wallet.

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