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Top 5 Indian Influencers in Blockchain & Crypto

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are more than just buzzwords in recent times, especially with the current bull run seeing Bitcoin and Ethereum reach all-time highs. India and cryptocurrencies have shared a rocky relationship, to say the least, and the crypto space wouldn’t be in the current scenario without the contribution of a large number of people. Some of these Indian influencers have been extremely proactive in spreading awareness on crypto, while others have been instrumental in educating the youth about Blockchain and its applications. Here’s our take on 6 of the most influential Indians in the crypto/blockchain space.

Balaji Srinivasan

You might have heard of Balaji S. Srinivasan, an angel investor, as the former CTO of Coinbase. Before getting into crypto, Srinivasan, a then Stanford University professor, co-founded Counsyl, a genomics startup, with his graduate school friends and brother Ramji. When Srinivasan founded the company in 2007, everyone was advising against it. However, the company went on to become a huge success and now scans the DNA of parents in 3 percent of all births in the United States. 

After founding Counsyl, he launched 21.co, a Bitcoin mining startup that eventually morphed into Earn.com. Coinbase later bought Earn.com for a rumored $100 million, placing Srinivasan in a seat next to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong as the company’s CTO.

Naval Ravikant

An Indian-American entrepreneur and investor, Naval Ravikant is the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList.

A Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and a podcaster who shares advice …
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