Top 5 Ethereum-Based Games

ESports might just be the Promised Land, flowing not only with milk and honey but with crypto tokens this time. Though the industry might seem unpopular to some people, others envision this territory as a billion-dollar industry that has a place in the future. For this sake, we have compiled a list of top five (5) Ethereum-based games. This list is however not close-ended but for specific reasons; “Cryptokitties, Gods Unchained, ETHtown, Beyond the war and Kryptowar” made the top 5 list in no particular order.


CryptoKitties is arguably the most successful dApp on the Ethereum Blockchain network. In this game, players are allowed to adopt, raise, breed, and trade virtual cats. These cats are tagged “crypto collectibles” and each digital cat adopted is significant and solely the players’ to own. Also, owing two cats equally gives room to breeding another cat as well. The aesthetic factor of decentralization is that there is no authority to take your kitty away from you.

The outbreak of CryptoKitties happened in December 2017 (a very significant time in the history of Bitcoin), this in no time resulted in congestion of the whole Ethereum network. The major reason why it significantly slowed down was owing to the transactions which reached the highest point ever recorded. People were unable to buy enough of the little digital cats up which brought the uprising to $12 million in revenue as at last year. Notably, the high selling cat was sold for 246.9255 ETH which is approximately USD 117,712 at the time of selling.

Gods Unchained

Speaking of Gods Unchained, it is a decentralized game (very competitive) incorporating some of the most distinctive features of the other popularly acceptable games, though its foundation and core evolve around blockchain technology. Another distinguishing element is that players in the community can trade within the community.

World Championship seems to be Gods Unchained way of “breaking” the eSports sector, this is scheduled to take place in 2019. Yearly, there would be a world tournament for Gods Unchained.  A cash prize of $100,000 plus an additional 10% of all card pack sales would be up for grabs for participants in the first tournament. For players, it is possible to enter the competition with a Champion Ticket, about 20,000 Champion Tickets in the form of ERC-20 Tokens accompanied the legendary pack sales as complimentary.
As it stands now, the passes are already sold out (July 26th), this implies that a player can only purchase this by buying from another player. Also, there is a one entry per Ethereum address— a move to discourage multiple entries by a user.
There is no way this game would not make our Top 5 list; such a large gaming audience would expose users to the underlining benefits of the blockchain technology. Cheating is one of the most common vices in the gaming industry, but with the use of Ethereum blockchain, it would be enhanced, real ownership of digital assets is guaranteed as the players can even go as far as auctioning their tokens to fans with a digital registry on the blockchain. It is fascinating to have God Unchained on the eSport sector, and this explains how it made it to our list.

ETH.Town Moon Factory

Moon Factory is an ETH.TOWN game and Moon Factory is an idle game with time management tactics. Here, you can manage your own factory; and to do this, raw products are needed to produce penguin piloted space rockets. Goods of each tier are more valuable, but the finished rocket seems the most valuable asset.
At the entry of the game, there are 800 raw materials which are then redistributed to achieve equal amounts of items via converting goods.

In 24 hours, raw materials would be fully converted to the ones in tier 1, they can be claimed, and production of the tier2 product begins. This next tier would be ready in another next 24hrs, and the circle continues. 100 final Moon rocket would be ready on the third day. At this point, there would be options for players that are either selling them as far as the price is good, thereby leaving the game with the ETH gains or converting the rocket into more raw materials of about 1000 items which are 25% bonus.
Depending on the level, your hero player will get a bonus to your raw material purchases which is usually up to about 2%.
There is also a referral platform known as ETH.TOWN referral program. It works with the Mon factory which is possible by a referral link. The incentive for referral is that each time a player refers to another player, they get a bonus automatically but to get a referral bonus, the player must own 100 items of product at the very least.


There a saying that if you want peace prepare for war, and we might have a war here already! This blockchain-based war game KryptoWar is another game which made it to our top five (5) built on Ethereum network. In this game, players are allowed to purchase countries, build its own army in order to wage war to face competing countries.

XP and medals are the rewards of winning a battle. An available way for keeping the armies on the top is by training a new soldier, buying more tanks, drones and other war equipment. There is also a marketplace where players can auction off its army, and only 100 players are enabled to gain aces, this is a way of restricting access.
In the first ten days, over 30 armies and 1,800 soldiers were bought with 130 battles taking place. This game definitely has a place in the eSport industry as KryptoWar is on its way to victory!

Beyond the Void

The last but not the least on this list is Beyond the Void; the game is a very competitive one which allows players build mothership, forge an army, attack opposing fleets, and conquer enemy’ planets. Beyond the Void is developed for competitive gaming and its currently in beta and has early download access on steam.

As far as Ethereum-based gaming is concerned, Beyond the Void is one of the most graphic-intensive game on the platform and it also makes use of its own virtual token called Nexium (NXC). There is also a marketplace in existence for buying assets using NXC.

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