Sunday, June 16, 2019

Tokyo’s Top Rated Night Clubs To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Top rated night clubs in Tokyo, Japan are set to accept Bitcoin cash for payment from April. The deal was reached by a BCH enthusiasts Akane Yokoo, with the owner of Tokyo based luxury lounge, Mezzo to adopt the cryptocurrency in top night clubs in Tokyo.

Bitcoin Cash For Tokyo’s Night Life

Crypto enthusiasts in Tokyo city can now enjoy their nightlife better with the use of Bitcoin Cash BCH for payment. A recent deal reached by Akane Yokoo with the owner of Tokyo based luxury lounge Mezzo is set to make nightlife in Tokyo easier with crypto usage.

Hottest night clubs in Tokyo, owned by Mezzo’s owner have agreed to start accepting Bitcoin cash from April. V2, Ele, Villa, and Mezzo’s cafe called Ruby will be accepting BCH for drinks and amenities from April. Mezzo already accepts BCH for meals, drinks, and services.

Japan has become a haven for cryptocurrency in recent time, since crypto was Legalized in the country in April 2017. Also, the country is known as the third most popular region for BCH accepting retailers. At press time there are about 57 different merchants in Japan that accept BCH for payments and four more will be added by April.

According to Yokoo, BCH meetup in Tokyo are sometimes held at Mezzo luxury lounge in Roppongi, which is considered as one of the hottest bars in the region. Also, the club utilizes wallet to accept BCH. This means that the owners accept BCH directly instead of selling it for yen immediately with a payment processor.

Yokoo further explained that he is excited to see some of the biggest clubs in Tokyo accepting Bitcoin cash payment. Also, he noted that it would be good for foreign tourist who would like to use Bitcoin cash when they come to Tokyo and want to go to nightclubs as well.

Crypto Adoption

Crypto proponents of a world where crypto replaces the fiat currency remain optimistic with their stance, though the specific period is still unknown. However, the more crypto gets adopted by merchants for payment the more the world sees full-scale adoption.

Four more outlets in Japan have adopted BCH, and with the US, France among others adopting crypto regulations the world moves closer to a crypto dominated economy.

You can as well join the trend by purchasing crypto and join the trend. In the next ten years, a business that does not accept crypto will be out of business. Likewise, a consumer without it will find it difficult to get the necessary commodities.

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