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Tokenized real estate inches forward despite legal, technical hurdles

A rowdy virtual panel showcased the hurdles and promise of real estate on chain
An unusually rowdy (and informative) virtual panel at the Security Token Summit yesterday reveals the fractious difficulties of bringing regulated assets on-chain — as well as the promise and progress of the tokenized real estate use case despite those hurdles. Michael Flight of the Liberty Fund, Jude Regev of, and Mohsin Masud of AKRU spoke for 30 minutes on the state of securitized real estate in a free-flowing and often-contentious discussion that highlighted the complexities that arise when decentralized finance and stringent governmental oversight meet. Host Kiran Arif of AKRU seldom spoke. When asked why tokenized real estate is so exciting, Flight pointed to the size of the market and to how few investors can gain exposure to it.“You’ve got 280 trillion dollars of real estate assets, and tokenized real estate is gonna let all investors into that asset class,” he said. Mohsin concurred, noting that high prices and regulations have traditionally kept average investors out of the real estate market, aside from purchases like homes. “We want to offer these securities, these asset-backed securities, to people who traditionally haven’t had access.”Regulatory shackles While the promise of the use case is significant and has been pondered over for close to a decade, aside from a handful of experiments there has been little significant traction. Part of the reason, according to Regev, is the friction from bringing a regulated asset to a decentralized system.“ …
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