Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Plans To Impeach Trump Using Crypto

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Looks like the U.S. President, Donald Trump had met a new rival, in the person of Escobar.

Funding Trump’s Impeachment

According to a recent report, Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria, popularly known as Roberto — brother of the late drug lord, Pablo Escobar — fights against Trump using a crowdfunding campaign named Impeach Trump Fund.

The said campaign was able to raise $10 million after its 10-hour live program on the GoFundMe website. However, after some time, GoFundMe shut down the campaign. Rumours have it that President Trump ordered this action.

“Originally the goal was to raise $50 million just using the GoFundMe platform. After raising $10 million in just 10 hours we were shut down by GoFundMe and within 24 hours launched the ESCOBAR stablecoin cryptocurrency to avoid anyone censoring us again. We believe the Trump Administration or President Trump shut us down,” said Olof Gustafsson, Escobar Inc. CEO in Hard Fork.

Cryptos As A Tool For Revolution

Since the site stopped the funding of Trump’s impeachment, Escobar Inc. pushed it further using decentralized means, cryptocurrency. As announced, the move to crypto was launched to stop the U.S. government from manipulating their fundraising programs.

Now, Escobar Inc. introduces an initial coin offering (ICO) called ESCOBAR — an Ethereum-based crypto coin. Escobar coin aims to compete with the U.S. backed crypto stablecoin, Tether which they described to be ‘untrustworthy’ for its users.

The ICO was seen to be a rebellious act against Trump’s administration, but Roberto Escobar has not yet stated any clarifications or reasons about their action.

Escobar Coin In 2019

Still, their company seemed to be pushing this campaign with the help of cryptos and the non-supporters of President Trump. Interestingly, the company also believes that Escobar coin will bring a new light in the crypto space since Escobars were known as great businessmen over the years.

“Yes, we had plans to release this cryptocurrency in 2019 as a stablecoin alternative to the USD Tether. We do not trust the USDT. We think that people should use our coin, as we have a much larger business sense than most other companies out there and Roberto Escobar has made hundreds of billions of dollars throughout his career,” explained Daniel Reitberg, COO of Escobar Inc.

Crypto Propaganda

Different reactions roamed around the social media since the news of Trump’s impeachment fund was released.

Although the news of President Trump’s angry oppositions was no longer shocking, the action of Escobar to finance Trump’s dismissal in his post speaks on different levels and aims a different resolution.

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