Tired Of Trading? Huobi Exchange Launches A Social Network Called Huobi Chat

Cryptocurrencies sometimes can be tiring, and more when you spend the day trading for profits and just lose money in the process. Guys from Huobi, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, know that, and that is why they are creating a social encounter platform for traders to relax from all the winning (or losing) and just explore what other traders are feeling in the same moment. This made them think in a way of getting traders together, and they have built Huobi Chat.
Huobi Chat aims to be the first exchange-based trading social network that seeks to capitalize on the social media and the connected traits of the modern world where we live. Under the motto “socializing is mining”, they want to communicate a sense of making money while making friends and connecting with others traders to organize your next move. To promote user interaction, they have also launched the Huobi Chat Token (HCT), that will incentivize users to make use of this new interaction platform.
The application has already more than five days up, and while the platform is in closed beta, more than 1200 users have been invited to test it. Till the date, this newly emerging social network has just a chat interface and an app center for users to try certain Dapps. But in the future, Huobi plans to extend it with bulletins, a news section and maybe even trading tips. Also, they announced that in the future third parties could also apply to offer their services and products inside Huobi Chat.
With this move, Huobi seeks to expand further than being just an exchange and tries to establish itself as a community of sorts, trying to attract more and more traders to its services. This year, they have been all about expanding into USA and Japan, and trying new things like this social media initiative.
Let’s see how things play out for Huobi Chat, it is still too early to judge it from any perspective. But at least they are trying to innovate.

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