Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tinder Dating App Celebrates Valentine by Accepting Bitcoin for Payments

The world celebrated Valentine’s day on February 14 and Tinder; a popular dating app made plans for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Partnering with Bitrefill, a cryptocurrency payment processor, premium members on Tinder can now make subscriptions using Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and other virtual assets.

Tinder Subscription to be Paid With Cryptocurrencies

Bitrefill on its website publicized that Tinder subscriptions can now be made using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. While the platform is free, members who wish to have additional benefits have plans they can subscribe to. These are the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold which allows users to change their location, get more likes, see who liked their profile, among other options.

According to Bitrefill, the steps required to subscribe for either package involves choosing a plan on the Tinder app for Android or iOS. In the case of Android, a user needs to choose a Google Play Play gift card depending on the plan they want to subscribe. The card is then used to redeem a voucher that automatically credits their Tinder account.

Tinder Boasts of Millions of Users

Tinder, a platform that reportedly has millions of users enables people to connect. It could be for a date or life-long commitment. In the same vein, a report published by Evening Standard reveals that the number of downloads for Tinder last year during Valentine grew by 10%. Also, the U.K. recorded a 20% increase and the days after Valentine recorded a 14% increase in downloads.

Therefore, this is a dating app that has gotten a lot of attention from people in various countries. Allowing cryptocurrencies to be used for subscription encourages the adoption of digital assets by millions of people. It is also worthy to note that a range of virtual assets has been provided to take away the limitation of settling with just bitcoin.

More Private Companies Accept Bitcoin for Payments

Other private companies are also fostering the adoption of cryptocurrencies. BTCNN on February 1 informed that Wikipedia is now accepting Bitcoin cash for donations. The platform which had only accepted bitcoin in the past stated that the addition was suggested by its users who wanted other cryptocurrencies to send in their funds.

On January 28, BTCNN also reported that reputable food portals across the world are also accepting Bitcoin. Notable among them, are, a food delivery portal in Denmark, and, a portal that networks thousands of restaurants in Germany.

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