TIME Magazine CFO Job Posting Requires “Comfort With Bitcoin”

A job posting for the new Chief Financial Officer of TIME Magazine lists “comfort with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” under qualifications.
TIME Magazine in Crypto News
New York-based TIME Magazine is looking for a new CFO with more than seven years of experience at a C-level position. Among other qualifications, they must be comfortable with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, according to a LinkedIn job posting. 
The firm has announced 18 new positions ranging from journalists, editors to partnerships, and production heads. While the other positions do not require any crypto or Bitcoin knowledge, the C-suite level’s awareness reflects the firm’s preparedness to cover the rising trend. 
Recently, TIME auctioned three iconic covers rights as an NFT. The covers involved a series of no pictures, instead rather ominous titles in “Is God Dead?” Is Truth Dead?,” and most recently, “Is Fiat Dead?”
Christopher Gaydos has occupied the CFO’s position at TIME since 2018. 
The cryptocurrency market is making global companies rethink their payment designs. Spotify, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others are adding experts to their teams too. Simultaneously, the financial services sector in banks, cards, and payment companies is beginning to offer crypto-related products, justifying TIME’s move to keep an open mind towards the rising sector.
Disclosure: The author held Bitcoin at the time of press. 
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