This Year’s Anarchapulco Conference to be Dedicated to Digital Assets

The version of this year’s Anarchapulco conference will be themed, ‘Life Unchained’ and it will hold from Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019 to February 17th, for four consecutive days. During those four days, the topic of cryptocurrencies will be discussed.
Anarchapulco is a conference held year after year in Acapulco, Mexico. It is a mass gathering of Voluntaryist activists and features talks on entrepreneurship, investments, politics, philosophy, health, sustainability, and personal relationships.

About Anarchapulco

Basically, the event is all about freedom and liberty. This is why Anarchapulco supports anything with a democracy, including cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, give power to the people in terms of supply and is built to prevent inflation, therefore giving the common man financial peace of mind. Anarchapulco also celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th year birthday on October 31st, 2018.
For this year’s event, Anarchapulco will be presenting popular freedom radicals, economists and cryptocurrency speakers. The pro-liberty event is known to gain in attendance, features, and quality of speakers with each passing year. The conference is in its fifth year, and this time around, there are expectations of over 3,000 guests in attendance. These guests will be lodged at the world-renowned Princess Mundo Imperial resort near Acapulco.
Anarchapulco will feature speakers from different parts of the world like Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick, former U.S. Senator Dr. Ron Paul, AIER editorial director Jeffrey Tucker, anarchist philosopher Larken Rose, syndicated columnist Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Unschooling Advocate Dayna Martin. The conference’s organizers have divulged to news outlets that digital currencies will be spoken about at the 2019 edition of the event. Anarchapulco is the only event that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment for tickets to their event and hotel reservations.
Dayna Martin, Anarchapulco’s Community Producer, indicated that the event was seeking to allow mass adoption of cryptocurrency in its own small way. She added that if cryptocurrencies were used daily by a large population of the world, it would grow and would be feasible for use in the world. According to Dayna Martin;

“Our desire is to share the message, and applicable tools for every living person to live a life unchained from physical, mental and financial freedom — Decentralization of the banking system through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash are an important tool for just that.”

What to Be Expected in This Year’s Edition

The pro-liberty event will also feature leisurely programs for families and guests to relax to. Poker tournaments, sandcastle building on the beach and other interesting local events are some of the available leisure programs. Anarchapulco’s founder, Jeff Berwick has reiterated that the event is one available to all age groups. He further emphasized the fact that Anarchapulco, unlike other ‘pro-liberty conferences, does not work with the government. According to Jeff, Anarchapulco remains the only event that advocates for total and absolute freedom.
Jeff noted the fact that with every consecutive year, the conference has experienced mass growth in attendance and attributed this to awareness made about the necessary dissolving of governments. He further stated that cryptocurrencies were a huge part of freedom for the people.
Since 2016, a day of the Anarchapulco event has been set aside to discuss cryptocurrencies, and it has been called ‘Cryptopulco.’ He then went ahead to reveal that Cryptopulco would run for four days this year because of the belief that the adoption of digital currencies is a big step towards a truly free world.

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