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These Musicians Are Embracing NFTs in Very Different and Clever Ways

The music scene is quickly becoming more and more entwined with NFTs, as more artists turn to digital tokens as a way to expand their creative horizons or experiment with new ways to profit from their work.
Some talented artists like DJ 3LAU explored selling albums in the form of NFTs and found success. Others like Ozuna made teddy bear drawings and also earned a couple thousand dollars.
And as the hype around NFTs grows, those artists will be looking to venture deeper into the jungle of Blockchain technologies. But not all of them take the same path.
Here we show 3 approaches taken by different musicians in the last couple of days:
The NFT curious: Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy is the perfect example of a person infatuated with technology but unsure of where to start.
Twitter seems to be Soulja Boy’s favorite place to get information about blockchain technologies and get tips on investing. After sharing his interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies following the bull run, Twitter’s advice prompted him to diversify his investment portfolio with a few altcoins.
He subsequently wanted to experiment with his own cryptocurrency. Still, it seems he gave up on the idea and embarked on a more ambitious venture: He sold a tweet asking how to sell a tweet and then started thinking about launching his next album in the form of NFT.
And, of course, he asked for help on Twitter.

How do I get a partnership to release my next …
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