The Pope Getting Tipped With Tron Could Be The Breakthrough The Cryptocurrency Community Needs

Tron (TRX) launched its social media tipping last week, which makes it join the league of XRP (XRP), Nano (NANO), and ReddCoin (RDD) that are already in the game. The Tron social media tipping has taken ground on Twitter with a tipping storm to celebrities. The Pope and Kanye West are among celebrities tipped already, as Tron continues on its mission of a decentralized web.

Tron (TRX) Tipping on Twitter

Tron launched its social media tipping last week through The partnership with the, a payment system that is built on Tron blockchain will be used to engineer the social media tipping by the members of the cryptocurrency community. With the newly launched app of posters on the social media can be tipped. Tron can be tipped through it as well as other cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.
The new tipping system launched makes Tron join the league of XRP (XRP), Nano (NANO), and ReddCoin (RDD), which can revamp the mode of earnings of celebrities especially in the music industry. Musicians only some percentage of the revenue their works generate from online streaming platforms. However, with the trending social media tipping, they can get some direct funds through tipping on the social media. is one of the following platforms who has encouraged the cryptocurrency community to take up the challenge of tipping artists who are not already associated in cryptocurrencies. Possibly, this will get them interested.

“Each person will “Tip” five (5) TRX tokens to 10 people using @Goseedit…on a specific day we will announce soon. That way, we create an immediate groundswell and watch the effects ripple out.
Five of the people you tip will be your five FAVORITE music artists. We want to get the word out to them that TRON is a decentralized network, thus allowing musicians COMPLETE control over their work.
The next five people you will send to are those NOT currently in crypto right now. By looking at someone’s Twitter account, it’s fairly easy to tell if they are in crypto (ha!),” it reads.

The trend has taken Twitter by storm, and the Pope and Kanye West have been reported to be one of the first beneficiaries of this new innovation. You can also join the trend. Tip and get tipped, make an excellent post on social media and get tipped by the community with cryptocurrency.
Instructions on Tron Tipping

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Login’ to access your twitter account.
  3. Make sure you ‘Authorize’ GoSeedit to use your account.
  4. Once you have your wallet ready, you can send a tip by replying to a Twitter message in the following format: +(amount) @goseedit for example, +20 @goseedit.
  5. Another option is to tip directly using the twitter handle of the user you want to tip. The format is as follows: @(username) +(amount) @goseedit for example, @John +20 @goseedit.
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