Sunday, June 16, 2019

The One-Sided Marriage between TRON and Liverpool FC

Tron’s top priority is bringing the entertainment world onto a decentralized platform. However, the irony lies in the fact that the company has been a source of entertainment for the crypto space as far back as we can remember, and the latest stunt that was pulled by Justin Sun on Thursday could only cement that fact.

Unrivaled Drama King

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON—which has taken the dapp industry by the horns—might be a young genius with an impressive CV but his propensity to whip out drama from the banalest of developments is unrivaled across the cryptocurrency space—and even Craig Wright’s impostor tendencies does not come close at rivaling Sun’s incredible opinions.

Tron Justin Sun Vitalik Buterin

The young CEO blew out a subtle, inviting nudge from Liverpool Football Club on Thursday into a carpet of red rose proposals, and the aftermath of the whole saga would have got Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin smiling at his corner. Buterin, co-founder of ethereum who has found a similarly young competitor in TRON has often accused TRON and its CEO of riding on their excellent marketing expertise rather than working on increasing its efficiency.

The Proposal

On Thursday morning, Justin Sun greeted TRON community and fans of the wonderful mutual partnership that English club Liverpool FC was on the verge of establishing with TRON: to the chagrin of Eteherum and Manchester United fans alike.  Liverpool FC is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe and a mutual partnership of such magnitude as Sun put it would have been a huge score for not only TRON but the whole of the crypto community. Only a few clubs and sports command as much influence as football. By today, Sun might be itching to forget the ensuing tease of proposals and misdirection, but we cannot forget—the internet never forgets.

We have it here, the full unfolding details, and it begins with Justin’s impeccable tweet of a new partnership that was being formed between the English club and the TRON blockchain platform.

Sun’s tweet begins with a video of exquisite fanfare which has Jurgen Klopp, the present coach of Liverpool, raving about TRON. . . or about something else entirely—a bacon?—we cannot name because there is no mention of TRON in the video.

Ensuing opinions from spokespersons form Liverpool, and a few other crypto influencers did, however, reveal that Sun took the invitation he received more personally than he should have, as it turned out a few hundred others had received just the same invitation in their mails. Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken exchange even considered the inviting email a spam right away.

Give it up for Justin Sun though; to market just about anything that would TRON on the front foot. It’s called passion.

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