The New Match2Pay Payment Processor To Allow Brokers Accept Crypto Deposits

Match-Trade, Californian-based forex and cryptocurrency provider announced the launching of Match2Pay, a cryptocurrency payment processor gateway. This new product will allow Forex Brokerages to implement and Integrate cryptocurrency as a payment option in their business model.
The payment processor accepts most popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and all ERC-20 based tokens.
It’s seamless integration with Match-Trade client office for MT4, MT5 and other third-party platform providers via their API which is one of its key features.
This will ensure that all transactions are highly secure and processed by the externally audited gateway.
Another feature is a transparent reporting tool that gives access to the brokerages private crypto wallet and also auto conversion supporting clients book payments in multiple fiat currencies on MT4 and MT5 accounts.
Asides this, the brokerage can also set it markups on rates provided to their trading clients for better profitability management.
Micheal Karczewski, the head of business operations at Match-Trade technologies said;

“We’ve created Match2Pay to help our clients grow their businesses. It is a turnkey global solution for cryptocurrency payments which allows users to receive, store or exchange cryptocurrencies. We provide easily integrable, cost-effective solutions for secure and fast transactions. Services are available 24/7, and we do not charge any turnover fees. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency payments easily accessible for every broker or vendor and their customers.”

He explained further by saying Match-Trade will showcase all the new features of its payment processor gateway and other products at the Magnates summit in London on November 13-14.
They will also provide a wide range of cryptocurrency solutions such as crypto price feeds execution and fully tailored MT4/MT5 cryptocurrency brokerage setups.
The company’s latest innovation is not just a sure solution for forex brokerages only, but also all types of businesses as it features will make cryptocurrency payments easily accessible to brokers, vendors and its customers.

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