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The last dip is the deepest as wife leaves husband for buying more Bitcoin

Whoever said love cuts across all boundaries said it before Bitcoin was invented.
The pressure of trying to sell Bitcoin (BTC) at a price top is proving too much for some couples. A Reddit post revealed that a man’s wife left him after he refused to sell his Bitcoin holdings when the price hit $60,000, and instead loaded up on more BTC during the recent dip. In a post titled “My wife is leaving because Bitcoin,” user u/Parking_Meater said his wife packed her bags and went to live with her sister after she caught him converting more cash into Bitcoin. The Reddit user wrote:“She just left to go stay at her sisters. She super mad that I didn’t sell at 60k and looks at the price often scolding me. I keep telling her we don’t need the money and have the cash. We live nice. However today she caught me buying the dip and was so pissed she almost hit me! Now she packed bags and went to her sisters to stay.”The trading accumen of the poster’s wife is unknown, however her instinct to sell when Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $61,321 on March 13 would have prevented a 15% loss, given the coin’s trajectory since then.But at the same time, if the husband bought the dip when Bitcoin struck a two-week low of $52,182 early on Thursday morning (UTC) —which aligns with the timing of his post — he would have ridden the bounce to 2.2% gains …
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